Public Art

Percent, Fluctuating Asymmetry, 2019

A proposal: Poster Image. Computer Visualization

The mass of the percent character is slightly transformed by accentuating the diagonal of the slash and by moving its zeros dynamically and asymmetrically to the slash.

The percent sign (%) is a tool used to calculate distribution: it represents how something is shared among a group. The percentage is constituted as the dominant model of calculation that governs the economic, political, and social probabilities in contemporary society. A percentage is a split, a portion, a slice. We analyze and explain our society in quantitative and qualitative terms using percentages, and it serves us as a vehicle to debate which kind of society we want to attain. Thus, the sculpture "Percent" becomes a point for collective reflection in this particular time; it heightens the awareness of social disparities as being measured by the distribution of wealth, labor income, opportunities, and social inclusion.

Zinny Maidagan

Zinny Maidagan