"Sculpture/Stage and Screen/Splitting Fasade", 2008

7th Gwangju Biennial for Contemporary Art

A year in Exhibitions. Artistic Director Owkui Enwezor.

Commission. Exhibition catalog.

Both "Sculpture/Stage" and "Screen/Splitting Facade", as "Deviation" did, are commisioned work conceived for the exhibition context, as relaters between the various author's positions and artworks presented for the Biennial.

Description of works:

  • "Screen/Splitting Facade". Canvas, 600 x 350 x 12 cm.
  • "Sculpture/Stage". Enamel paint, cork, an adhesive film on wood, variable dimensions.
  •  "D depth-debt", "Z Zukunft", "N Nations", "SI Simultaneous Inequity", "M Migration", "C Confluence", "R Roads and Ruins". Collages and models. Cardboard and fabric, dimensions variable.
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan