"Movement in Art", 2000

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Commission. Solo Projekt exhibition curated by Maria Lind.

Exhibition catalog with an essay by Dan Cameron and by Maria Lind.

"Movement in Art" was the title of the 1961 Moderna Museet exhibition for which the first replica of Marcel Duchamp's Large Glass was made.

Description of works in the show:

  • Three wooden structures with sliding doors rounded the right-angled corners of the museum collection's exhibition rooms. Similar to transition channels between the exhibition rooms, the inside of these structures was black, the outside off-white,.
  • The security grates of two windows of the Museum's exhibition spaces were down 24/7 during the whole exhibition period. A ready-made based on a shift of time. The grates, catching views of Stockholm, worked as a perspectival device.
  • The artists intended to exhibit the Moderna Museet two replicas of Duchamp's "The Bride simultaneously Stripped Bared by Her Bachelors, Even" or "Large Glass' both realized by Ulf Linde, the first one in 1961 (in storage) and the second one in 1991 (on display). The Museum denied Dolores and Juan request to present both replicas simultaneously. It offered the artists Duchamp's "Boite in Valise", which was displayed with a text description explaining the two replicas and its ersatz.

Photos by Anna Kleberg

Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan