"Cape Name", Cabo Nombre 2013

CAC Gallery, UC Irvine University of California at Irvine

Commission for solo exhibition curated by Juli Carson.

Publication with an essay by Juli Carson, "Drawing on a Sense of Place."

Architect William Pereira design the campus of the University of California at Irvine in 1957 – 1964. As he stated, he did not consider the landscape or the historical context that existed before the design of his project.

In the book "El Rio Sin Orillas" José Luis Saer reflects on the metonymy used by Spaniards colonizers in Latin América. "In Tierra del Fuego, we find the quintessential name reduced to its minimum expression, the most abstract of all names that is not far from other abstract objects, such as Pyramid Hill or Conical Hill."... "that is Cape Name."

Description of works:

  • "UCI Library Unit One, Arch William Pereira, 1965”. Hand drawing based on the Main UCI Library Facade's original sketch by Architect William Pereira, 1964. A dominant line crossed the drawing, tracing the profile of the mountain existing behind the building. Oil pastel and ink. 900 x 310 cm.
  • "UCI Library, Arch William Pereira, 1965". Drawing of a fragment of the UCI Library Facade. Oil pastel and ink. 200 x 140 cm. "… a three-dimensional element of the facade that is repeated in an almost military order concerning the broken line of the mountain's horizon… This nameless element repeated on the facade has a female morphology, uterine, as if Nature had turned into a serial machine of the identical.. ". Artist in dialog with the curator.

  • "Thirteen Studies of Horizon's Line". Sewn cotton. 150 x 150 cm each.

 Photos Robert Plogmman and the artists

Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan
Zinny Maidagan