Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan » 2007 The Coast, The Attack, The Same
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coastStudio for placing the Sculpture in the exhibition Spacecoast
The Coast, The Attack,
The Same
Sala Rekalde Bilbao. 2007

1- Photo of the emblem or shield of Mefesa, a steel industry company
from 1950, Zorrotzaure, Bilbao. (designed by one of its owners)

2- Model for a sculpture of a Border.

3- Sculpture of the Border:
Stick Your Tongue Out.
Wood and polyester.
1.50 x 24 x 16 meters

4- Graphics made with the pattern of the Border.
The Coast, The Attack, The Same. The Shield, The Borders.
Ink and acrylic on Vellum.
1.10 x 0.87 meters