Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan » 2004 Semantic Gap
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semantic gap
semantic gap exhibition
Semantic Gap
Lund Konsthall. 2004

1-Photographs of “Fontana di Trenchi” from 1969 designed by Klas Anshelm (architect of Lund Konsthall – 1957) and Arne Jones (sculptor) at Lund University Institute of Technology .
The Fontana di Trenchi only worked for a few days, but the construction site remains till today.

2-Fountain sign on top of the Konsthall entrance.
Plexiglass, yellow and black light film.

3- Sculpture
wood and red fabric 6 x 2.5 x 10 m

4 – Mural paintings:
Things, More often People aim for the Same Place at the Same Time. Gouache 5 x 5m
Identical or Duplications.
Gouache. 5 x 5m
Untitled 1. Gouache 3 x 2.5m
Untitled 2 . Gouache 3 x 2.5m