Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan » 2017 Word for Word: Décor for Distance
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stack Word for Word: Décor for Distance
LACMA 2017

Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / PST LALA Getty Foundation for the exhibition “A Universal History of Infamy”.

Word for Word: Décor for Distance is a two-layered banner that covers the Wilshire Blvd facade of LACMA’s BCAM building, featuring depictions of palm trees as well as cutouts that frame existing palms. The title references “Of Mere Being”, a poem by Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), in which the word “decor” was later replaced with the word “distance”. The poem is installed on the first floor of LACMA’s BCAM building.

On the second floor of LACMA’s BCAM building:

Word for Word: Disolución for Expansion (Borges and Twain)
Diptych pencil on paper. By Dolores Zinny

Studies for Word for Word: Décor for Distance 
Model: collage and plexiglas.

© Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan, photo © Museum Associates/LACMA